Welcome to mpi.is-brain-connectivity-plugin’s documentation!


This package contains a set of python tools for assisting in the visualization of brain connectivity information. The package contains:

  • a Paraview filter, that is a parametrizable plugin running in a Paraview visualization pipeline. This plugin shows the connectivity of the brain sites, in a raw or summarized fashion,
  • utility functions for converting files and performing off-line computation on the brain connectivity


This package was developed by Lennart Bramlage and Raffi Enficiaud at the Software Workshop Central Scientific Facility of the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, in Tübingen, Germany. The details of the computations are given in the following report:


The installation procedures are described on the page Installation.

How to use the plugin

The usage of the plugin is detailed in the page Paraview visualization filter.

Utility function

The additional tools are described in the pages Computation utilities and File conversion utilities.


The code contained in this repository is released under the MIT license and copyright is owned by

  • Max Planck Society
  • Lennart Bramlage
  • and Raffi Enficiaud.

See the LICENSE.txt file at the root folder of the repository for more information.

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